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Here you will find all the details of the Miss Pinup Australia experience

What is Miss Pinup Australia® all about


It is important to know why & how this experience came about as it will give you a true understanding of the journey.


How it started

Miss Pixie, founder of Miss Pinup Australia® has taken the best parts of the 1940s/50s & incorporated it into her everyday life for the last 30+ years. She has reverted back to the glamour of the 1950's, an era that she believes portrayed women at their finest with magnificent hairstyles, flawless makeup, clothing that was flattering to any body shape & age and more importantly some good old fashioned values. This was an era when women had self-respect. Through many interesting challenges in life that were thrown at Miss Pixie, she found that her love for the vintage lifestyle helped her to overcome any hurdle. So how could Miss Pixie help other women find their inner strength? She decided to share her love and years of experience in vintage glamour firstly by opening a business called Boogie Bop Dames. Instructing others in the art of 1940's/50's hairstyles & makeup as well as good old fashioned deportment brought much joy to many women's lives and then Boogie Bop Dames was extended to including vintage glamour/pinup photography which would be a constant reminder to all women that seek her services that they were beautiful.


It was at this stage that Miss Pixie thought that there must be a way of reaching women on a larger scale, this was the birth of Miss Pinup Australia®.


Why does the Miss Pinup Australia experience run?

Miss Pinup Australia® is a worldwide platform for the everyday women, for all women of all shapes, sizes and ages to join together through a celebration of vintage glamour. This "experience" is all about a personal journey to bring out your inner pinup, so to speak! This means that through your participation in Miss Pinup Australia we hope that you will gain self-confidence, build self-esteem, find self-love and respect for the beautiful person you truly are! We are a group of people and businesses promoting positive self-image and we have found that this experience has changed many women's lives by them simply participating.

What have participants gained out of being a part of the Miss Pinup Australia® experience?

We have seen many women from their first involvement in Miss Pinup Australia® put themselves in a situation that is completely out of their comfort zone by registering to particiapte.. they enter as a woman with very low self esteem due often to negative life experiences and it is so amazing  to watch these very women blossom into such beautiful , confident strong human beings!


Please view our documentary titled "My Miss Pinup" to see what we are really about! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z3f3d6jvxG8



Testimonials of participants that will give you an insight into what the experience is really about-
please enjoy the following fabulous women sharing their journey with you:

Miss G.I.Ginger- Miss Pinup Australia 2nd RU 2014, Miss Classic Pinup NSW 2014
I cannot more highly recommend the Miss Pinup Australia experience to anyone who is curious about joining. It's not your run of the mill pinup comp.

I first got involved with Miss Pinup because I knew I loved all things vintage and pinup but wasn't quite sure where to take it or what to do next. When I first phoned Miss Pixie at Boogie Bop Dames (the sponsor photographer in my state) I had no idea that this would become an amazing journey and open my eyes to so much more than just posing for a few pinup style photos and submitting them online.

Miss Pinup Australia is a journey, it is empowering, it is a family. I am an otherwise shy person with low self esteem who continually second guesses herself. Since entering I have developed a new found sense of confidence and grace and style. I have grown from wearing repro pinup clothes because I liked the look and style, to having the confidence to wear real vintage. In fact, my new found love of Etsy is almost a vintage addiction!! :)

Miss Rouge Noir- Miss Lifetime Member 2015, Miss Atomic Achiever 2014, Miss Amity Pinup Australia 2013
Miss Pinup Australia has changed my life, its as simple as that. Yes, I know that phase sounds a little over the top but I will explain and perhaps you will understand how amazing this competition is.
I first entered MPA in 2010, I was convinced to enter, I had never done anything like it, I didn't know what I was doing, it was scary and amazing. 
I gained new friends, new self confidence and a new zest for life. 
If you haven't realised from looking at the Facebook page MPA is for all women, at the time I was 41 and a size 20, and by the end of the competition I was on stage in my corset and bullet bra, and happily so.
Since then I have remained involved in MPA, helping out and watching more and more women gain that self confidence and the special feeling that MPA seems to give you.
I was persuaded last year to re enter the competition and compete in 2013. 
Now I have to say at this point I struggle with the word competition because although there are winners in MPA there never are losers, we all have such an amazing time and gain so much that its wrong to consider it as losing.
Well back to the point. In the six months leading up to me stepping on stage in the VIC state final my life changed in a way I couldn't possibly imagine. 
I got ill, I went into hospital but things weren't that straight forward, I have now had four surgeries and I lost over half of my breasts, and my husband walked away. I am not telling you this for sympathy because I really don't need it I am happy and strong and I have my fellow competitors from all over the country contacting me and supporting me.I am lucky. I never felt alone in the hospital. I had visitors every day, mainly ladies from MPA.
The owner of MPA, Miss Pixie, checked up on me regularly and always made me smile, the sponsors really did care.
I was brought home from hospital by another competitor, someone I had never met, and all the ladies in my state bought me a beautiful gift.
At home and in recovery, the support continued, so two weeks ago I still felt I could get on stage and compete. 
I won Miss Prestige for my state and will travel to Sydney for the Grand Finals next month. This was not my victory, it was a group victory, I would never have been able to to this without the amazing competitors, sponsors and Miss Pixie who all did so much and helped me have have the confidence to carry on. I wear our sash and our tiara with so much pride.
I have no doubt the Grand final will be even better, and the things I am looking forward to the most are the smiles, the laughter, the hugs, catching up with the ladies I know and finally meeting those I have only talked to on line.
If you have ever considered entering Miss Pinup Australia, please do it, it will involve work and you may have doubts and struggles along the way, but the journey is worth it and if you do I can promise you it will change your life too

Duchess Di Dee- Miss Prestige Pinup WA 2013
How did I celebrate turning 50?I entered MPA as Miss Prestige WA 2013!!
My introduction to pin up was via Miss Katy Le Blue my daughter.She was on location for her pin up photos and I got addicted to the pin up!!All from an era I just love.
Before we knew it we were checking the MPA site for the WA state finalists.1st check Miss K ,no pic.I'm sad of course.Then peeping out from my hands crossed over face I see the pic of me!Next tell Miss K the results.In a true daughters love she said "Mum its you and all you love".
It's now 6 months later I'm Miss Prestige WA 2013.Everday I have shared the laughter,dreams,sadness and up lifting times with my fellow pin ups.Each of them has left a mark on this pin ups heart forever.Guiding us along the journey to glittery crowns and sashes have been Miss Pixie(MPA Founder),her MPA team,judges and sponsors.Their love,wise words and guidance have seen us aspire to our goals and that we all are strong,beautiful women no matter our age,back ground or size.If I encourage one women to enter MPA I'll feel my pin up jouney has been completed.I look forward to telling my grand children "Your Nan Was A Pin Up!!" in the years ahead.Love,Tiaras and Sashes,Miss DDD xxxx

Lady Marmalade- Miss Amity Pinup Australia 2012
After a hot sleepless night, I awoke with pinups on the brain so what better way to start off my afternoon with a cup of tea and finally sitting down to tell my story…

I came to Miss Pinup slightly bewildered ….what was this 'pinup thing?' And who was this lady with the pink hair? She seemed lovely but what was it all about? I would soon learn
It was 2010 and I had just been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I was unable to work for a long period of time, I had put on a lot of weight due to medication, I was tired all the time, in a lot of pain, bored, my relationship was falling apart and I was losing all my friends because they couldn't understand my illness – I didn't look sick. I stumbled upon Miss Pinup Australia as I went to get a pinup photo shoot done of myself as I wanted to feel beautiful again, at least for an afternoon. The photographer, Helen McLean asked if I was entering the competition and encouraged me to enter.  That afternoon Lady Marmalade was born!
Since that day I have been involved with Miss Pinup Australia and am currently the reigning Miss Amity. I keep coming back to this competition for a number of reasons.  There is something about a competition that brings women together from all parts of Australia and says to them 'all of you are welcome and all of you are beautiful, no matter what size, shape, colour, tattoos/no tattoos, hair colour, age, background, ethnicity, disability' and we accept you and more than that we are interested in your story and your background.  That's the side to the competition that I really love – it's getting to know each of the girls individually and understanding their stories and their personalities. It's also really great to see them grow as people across the competition after their first time on stage – just that glow of confidence that they get; priceless joy.
Another reason I keep coming back to Miss Pinup is to keep trying to do better every year, despite my disability.  I want to try and prove that although my disability means that I have problems with my short term memory, disabled pinups can be beautiful strong confident women too.  So every year I will practise a little harder and point my toes a little longer and will remember those routines 
For anyone reading this and thinking about whether to join in the fun – do it! What do you have to lose?  You will have a group of amazing women around you supporting you every step of the way. You have nothing but confidence, friends and amazing memories to gain and who doesn't want to have amazing photos of themselves like this to show to their friends and family? And if you are now sitting there making excuses like, BUT this and BUT that …. Miss Pinup Australia accepts and embraces all women and we are all beautiful and if you don't think this already then maybe you do need to come meet some women who will make you feel like you are beautiful xx
Much love and feel free to ask me any questions
Lady Marmalade x

Miss Ivy May- Miss VaVa Voom Pinup NSW 2013
My journey as a contestant of Miss Pinup Australia begun almost 2 years ago when I broke my foot in two places requiring surgery. I was in a cast and on crutches for ten weeks. Having two young children I temporally moved back home to my parents. It was at this point I was able to reflect on my life. I had become a "gonna-do" kind of person. Big dreams but no motivation to follow through. I realised this was a bad example to set for my children. Sitting around with a broken foot was really no different to when i was in one full piece because I lacked ambition and drive. I decided I needed to change, I needed to re-create myself. I danced as a child and with a broken foot realised how much I missed it. Just a broken foot, not life threatening but enough of a wake up call to tell me to enjoy life, make the most of it. I decided wearing make-up would help me feel better about myself. Sitting around with a broken foot added unwanted weight. My clothes where uncomfortable. I wanted a new image, one that would suit my shape. I wanted people to treat me kindly, just like in the 50s. The good ol' days. I told a few people about my desire to change and one of those close friends saw Miss Pinup Australia on channel 7's  Sunrise. She called me, demanding I turn the tv on, telling me I should enter. From that moment I was intrigued. I begun reading everything I could about the competition. The philosophy, the rules, the categories. I couldn't wait for the time that I would be able to enter. I begun preparing. I choose some vintage patterns and lay-by some fabric for my day wear and talent sub-categories. Ideas where already popping into mind with anticipation. I was so excited to be the eleventh entrant to be announced after submitting pinup photos. During the next months waiting to find out if I would be chosen to compete I continued to prepare ideas, themes and outfits. I was chosen to represent Nsw at the state final in the Miss Vavavoom category. I have struggled with my weight since having my first child. Being accepted to compete was an amazing boost. I attended hair and make-up workshops with Miss Pixie from Boogie Bop Dames and also deportment/posing workshops. I met some lovely ladies with similar interests and learnt a great deal in just 2 days. I came home from the workshops with some incredible knowledge and immediately put it into practise.I made all my outfits where from vintage patterns. Having two children as previously mentioned and being a stay at home mum I had to consider my budget much like they did in the 1940s and 50s post war. My props where also made with budget in mind.  I took to the stage in march. On the night it was incredible. The audience clapped along during my talent performance, a highlight I wont forget. The buzz back stage in the dressing rooms, helping one another, admiring vintage gowns, chit chat, laughter, lipstick and lashes. Not too many opportunities in life these days allow for ladies to dress beautifully and go to prestige events. The moment I was crowned Miss Vavavoom NSW 2013 can only be described as shock. I had questioned myself the entire time, what am I doing, I can't do this, I don't have what it takes But I pushed myself to see it through. Nothing to lose and everything to gain is my new motto in life. What I have gained can not be bought. New friendships, new skills in hair, make-up and sewing. New found confidence and belief in myself. Size, age, shape ... none of it matters. No one with a good personality judge you harder than you will ever judge yourself. People who judge you harshly aren't worth knowing. With the help and guidance of Miss Pixie I have achieved something incredible I will look back on for the rest of my life and be amazed. I highly recommend the experience. Just give it ago you have nothing to lose. If you have any doubts than this is just what you need!
Love Miss Ivy May (Miss Vavavoom NSW 2013) xxx

Miss Red Devotchkin- Miss Perfect Pinup Australia 2013 & Miss Perfect QLD 2013
As I sit on my flight to Sydney for the Miss Pinup Australia 2013 National Grand Finals, I reflect on this year's competition. It's been a truly wonderful experience, that I'm so glad I decided to take part in. It hasn't always been easy, but I know that working hard has paid off. I've learnt a lot about pinup, poise and polish, but more importantly, I've learnt how to have more confidence in myself. I'm not a stranger to the stage, but I don't always have confidence in myself and my performance abilities. Miss Pinup Australia is an experience that I recommend to all women, from all walks of life, of all appearances and of all shapes and sizes. Don't underestimate what a difference participating in this competition can make to your life, but make sure you enter into it with all of the heart and soul that you can. Thank you Miss Pixie for everything you've done for me, and for all the other pinups who have been part of the Miss Pinup Australia family.

Miss Bunni Lambada- winner of Miss Pinup Australia 2010/11
For any dolly, tattoo-ed or ink-free, thinking of going in Miss Pin Up Australia,

I highly recommend the experience to anyone!
It was a pleasure to meet so many wonderful girls whom i
now call my friends, and it was a wonderful experience getting to know everybody
involved in the competition - particularly the wonderful and talented ladies
from Boogie Bop Dames! Miss Pinup Australia welcomes all types, whether you
are a pin up 24/7 or simply a girl who aspires to be so. If you STILL have
hesitation, all i urge you to think is: how many times in your life will you
get the opportunity to wear glamorous clothes, pose with abandon and possibly
win a sash or crown? Not enough I say! So bring on Miss Pin Up Australia

xoxoxox Miss Bunni

Miss Rouge Noir-  Miss VaVa Voom Pinup VIC 2010

I have just finished competing in Miss
Pinup Australia, so what did it mean to me. Let me firstly start by saying I am not who
you are imagining, I am not young, I'm 41, not small, size 18, and not in the pinup industry, or wasn't until Miss Pinup Australia came along. This should be a huge clue that Miss Pinup Australia is not like other competitions, it's for everyone, it's friendly, it's a blast, I had a ball, I gained confidence, and It's an experience I wouldn't change for anything. My only advise for those thinking of entering this contest is to do it, you won't regret it, and it does lead to other things. I've done more photo shoots, I'm on a clothing website as a model, I've written for an e magazine, made some amazing friends and I'm modelling for Circa Nocturna which is part of Melbourne fashion week. Rouge Noir

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